Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Strategy+Business / knowledge@wharton - How Companies Turn Customers' Big Ideas Into Innovations - January 2005 In this jointly published article, the two publications jointly look at the factors stopping firms from improving innovation processes and list out the key characteristics of successful companies:

1) Employees use the product
2) They conduct vigorous market research of customer needs
3) The Engineers stay close to the market
4) Companies perform R&D around the world
5. Innovative companies seek understanding of customer behaviour and motivations

An interesting article, although a slightly long winded way of saying "listen to your customers"...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Triz Journal - January 2005 - Sustainable Innovation as a Corporate Strategy Anyone looking for a well written primer on Corporate Innovation strategy would be well served by this paper written by M. Rashid Khan and Mohammed Al-Ansari which was published in the TRIZ Journal. The authors do a pretty decent job of summarizing the basic questions around Innovation - including a reasonable evaluation of the differences between old-style innovation management techniques compared to those required for sustainable corporate innovation. Certainly a good starting point for people new to Innovation, but lacking in anything new for more experienced managers.