Friday, March 26, 2004

HR - Testing Times - The Innovation Potential Indicator I think we're getting to the point where new psychometric tests are being churned out almost as quckly as Cosmo comes up with self-help surveys. However, that's not to say that there isn't value in looking at the theory behind some of these.

The Innovation Potential Indicator was developed by Professor Fiona Patterson and aims to identify those individuals in your organisation who will most contribute to the implementation and business success of ideas and innovation initiatives in your company.

The main dimensions she's decided to measure this with are:

- Motivation to change - their intrinsic motivation to seek out and adopt change

- Challenging Behaviour - How comfortable are they to challenging other viewpoints?

- Adaptation - Problem solving behaviour - Use existing/Invent new?

- Consistency of Work Style - structured / flexible work environment preference?

And the ideal innovation agent profile? Someone who scores high on "Motivation to Change" and "Challenging Behaviour", and scores low on "Adaptation" amd "Consistency of Work Style". In other words, non-conforming, intellectual curiosity, seek original solutions and flexible in their work styles.

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