Saturday, November 13, 2004

eWeek - November 9 2004 - BPM Helps Grace Chemical Innovate eWeek's Michael Caton visited Grace Performance Chemicals to see how this leading edge innovation company used Idea Central. As he reports, "The division started using Idea Central two years ago. Since then, the division, based in Cambridge, Mass., has used the software to host 25 campaigns involving one-third of the company's employees to generate 2,500 ideas, according to Paul Westgate, director of innovation and the division's director of marketing. Of those 2,500 ideas, the company has acted on 131, with 76 resulting in new products and 55 resulting in new processes, Westgate said."

When it comes to ROI, Grace's Director of Innovation, Paul Westgate said " it might be bigger than can be calculated"! Not bad for a company that's only been using IdeaCentral for 2 years and whose typical opportunity cycle runs between 1-3 years in length..

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