Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Innovation Briefing: Innovation in the Boardroom - This is an interesting article which examines the shift of innovation from the periphery of many corporate agendas to it becoming a core element for strategic growth. Specifically it focuses on who has the overall responsibility for innovation and how this has moved from its traditional homelands towards the CEO or a new Chief Innovation Officer (CIO).

This change is something we have observed in particular at Imaginatik Research with the people we work. In addition, you only have to look at the job adverts in recent years to see the rise in CIO creation/recruitment. Interestingly this article highlights the three different roles that CIOs are operating within at these companies:

Role 1 - Leading the development and introduction of innovation
Role 2 - Helping move the innovation agenda into new spaces
Role 3 - Seeding the future

These three roles remind me of the Orchid Model Developed by Imaginatik Research , which identified four personality types of Doer, Creator, Helper and Inquisitor within idea management and innovation.

Role 1 is primarily a doer role.
Role 2 is a more of a helper role.
Role 3 is a creator role.

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