Tuesday, May 11, 2004

CORDIS: News service: "EU15 Community Innovation Survey" - Funny, it seems almost like someone read my previous post on the NZ survey and went out to address my concerns over the size of company vs innovative actions comments.

In this EU15 survey, looking at data from companies between 1998 - 2000, only 44% of the overall companies undertook some form of innovation activity - with Ireland and Germany leading the back at 65% and 61%, and Greece (28%), Spain (33%) and the UK (36%) surprisingly as the trailers.

With regard to company size however, small companies (10-49 employees) came in at 39%, medium sized companies (50-249 employees) came in at 60%, and apparently a whacking 77% of large companies (250+ emplyees) displayed innovation activity.

However, seeing as the greatest complaint to what most hampered survey participants' innovative performance was that 'innovation costs are too high' - maybe that sheds another reason why larger companies are coming out trumps on these surveys...they have more money to spend on it. Comments anyone?... send an e-mail to research@imaginatik.com

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