Saturday, May 29, 2004

Give Creative Personalities a Chance Susan Solomon looks at how to deal with 'Creative types' and offers some tips on how to manage them. Full of interesting facts:

For example, The author ranked America's major cities by number of creative workers, innovation, diversity, and several other factors.

- The cities Most Favoured by creatives? San Francisco, San Diego, Austin
- Least Favoured? Norfolk, VA, Memphis, TN, and Las Vegas
The author also contends that creatives are frequently not the kind of people you'd expect but rather thinkers who "acquire their own arcane bodies of knowledge and develop their own unique ways of doing the job.". Imaginatik client Grace Perfomance Chemicals has a group affectionately called 'the crazies' who are people identified as being particularly creative that are now invited to almost every idea capture event to bring their particular brand of creativity to that event!

How to manage that talent? Keep these top tips in mind:

- Creative work takes time - giving impossible deadlines will often yield stunted work

- Creative people are their own worst critics - don't be surprised if they ask for their work back to tweak it some more

-Creative people bend the rules - and you need to allow them the leeway to do so. Enforcing a 9-5 attitude, risks getting you a 9-5 product as a result..

Interesting stuff!

Interesting stuff!

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