Thursday, February 24, 2005

Fast Company | Fast Take: Imagination This short blurb on how Boeing's Connexion subsidiary uses their imagination to gather insights and ideas for scenario planning that takes into account potential competitive moves is quite interesting.

Not in the respect that it's new - but in the respect that it signifies a growing trend towards the increasing use of ideas, and idea management, for many more uses than just product development. Many client companies of Imaginatik's Idea Central have reported using the software and the event process to regularly gather competitive intelligence, conduct scenario planning, high level strategic planning, conduct post merger synchronisation, and many other strategic topics like these.

The reality is that people are finally starting to explore the true value of what can be achieved when you harness the brainpower of your company's employees, suppliers and customers. And you know what? They're finding that value to be unbelieveably high.

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