Tuesday, March 08, 2005

HBS Working Knowledge: Globalization: The Rise of Innovation in Asia Yet another article in the rising tide of news pieces looking at Asia, Outsourcing, and Innovation. This one looks at key findings from a recent conference on innovation at Harvard Business School. Some of these include:

- A survey of 200 companies found an "irreversible process" of traditional white-collar jobs being sent to Asia.

- Respondents said they are likely to send work to the following countries: India (69 percent); China (8 percent); the Philippines (5 percent); Latin America (5 percent); Eastern Europe (4 percent); and the Caribbean/Mexico (2 percent).

- More and more, the work being outsourced goes beyond call centers and similar services to include research, HR functions, and engineering services. Researchers expect organizations to create Web-based organizational structures that will help them compete globally.

Technology is again seeming to be the great enabler for asian companies - could the US economy be dying as a result of all the outsourcing? Japan used to rule the Innovation game in the 80's, the US in the 90's, could we now be in a Chinese dominated 00's?

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