Monday, March 13, 2006

CRN IBM PartnerWorld: Change Is In The Air IBM's New Mantra: 'Innovation That Matters'

Here's an interesting one. IBM are moving from "On Demand" to "Innovation that Matters" as the company mantra. From the article "On Demand" was defined as the technology foundation. Innovation is more directed to focusing on solutions that drive the business. I agree that innovation is very much about delivering value (to the company, consumer and those all important share-holders). I hope this is taken forward properly and is not just a marketing ploy to use the innovation word to attract customers? I'm sure it's not especially as it came from IBM’s vice president of technical strategy and innovation, Irving Wladawsky-Berger.

It also appears that IBM are opening their research labs to help all of its business partners, and not just their top clients, to solve those tricky problems. This I hope is a good thing by extending the innovation pipeline along the partner route (one of many types of innovation) by giving them access to experts they may not have been able to collaborate with in the past. "On Demand" is dead long-live "Innovation that Matters"...

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