Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A TV Series on Innovation?

One sign that the innovation buzz may have reached its apex is the number of companies declaring themselves "innovative." Another is the five-part weekly TV series "The Business of Innovation" that premiered Sunday in the U.S. on the cable network, CNBC.

The first installment was largely a discussion scrum with experts debating various definitions of innovation and then differing on methods for achieving success. Profiles of companies and CEOs ranged from the expected 'let's be like Google' to a warmed-over recap of why influential top executives may turn out to be evil (Bernie Ebbers, Dennis Kozlowski) even when they're transforming a company. Anyone find the show useful?

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Kathy Mast said...

Yes, I am finding the show useful. It is very enlightening to devle into leadership thinking on innovation. Too often, leaders create an innovation "program." I agree with Jim Carroll, a consultant interviewed in the 2nd episode when he said that you create a culture for innovation. As a management consultant with a speciality in innovation, I totally agree. Perhaps that is because we are working throughout the companies and see great opportunities for innovation, and many innovative people, that are often overlooked. U.S. companies must excel at innovation if we are to achieve and maintain a global competitive advantage. Programs like this one lay a foundation for needed analysis and communication.